All year round, passionate fishing enthusiasts like you visit Norway for one very good reason: it is a first-class fishing paradise. Besides, fishing holidays in Norway are at your fingertips. From the UK, and most Western European countries, the trip by plane only takes a few hours. The short distance makes it even possible to stay for only a weekend, or a couple of days.

Are you ready for an absolutely memorable fishing adventure? In the north of Norway, you can make your dream come true. Beautiful scenery and comfortable holiday accommodations at the sea. Your speedy fishing boat is waiting to bring you straight to the best fishing spots.

Do you plan a fishing trip on your own, or together with friends or family? Or are you planning a road trip in Norway and looking for a perfect angling spot? Or are you really “hooked” and looking for the ideal location where you can fully enjoy sport fishing? All guests are equally welcome at Vesterålen Fishing. 

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Vesterålen Fishing biedt je het neusje van de… kabeljauw.

The most delicious fish is the one you caught yourself. At 3 AM in full sunlight.

Waar water is, is vis. Waar zuiver water is, is veel vis. Waar veel zuiver water is, is enorm veel vis. In Noorwegen is er héél véél zuiver water.

To fish or not to fish? That’s a tough question in Norway.


Fishing in Norway is a unique experience. What else to expect from a country that has a coastline of 25.000 km, thousands of fjords and inlets? It doesn’t matter what kind of fishing technique you prefer, you will for sure have a good time here. 

Vesterålen Fishing is also ideal to spend your holidays with your friends or family. Even if you do not want to spend hours on the sea, Norway is a very attractive place for tourists. A scenic hike, spectacular Northern Lights, whale spotting or just a decent break. 

Your holiday cottage is less than 10 meters from the sea. You don’t stay in a generic tourist hotel. Vesterålen Fishing is situated on a prime location with a rich fishermen’s history, far away from the hectic homeland. We are literally located in the middle of calmness, surrounded by mountains, and yet, close to exciting adventures.

During your stay, you can use a very powerful fishing boat. Exclusively for you and your companions and fully equipped for safe fishing trips. The boats are at walking distance from your holiday cabin.

If you can’t bring the necessary fishing equipment and/or clothing with you, you can rent it on the spot at very favourable conditions. 

When your fishing day is over, you can fillet the fish in a dedicated room that is equipped with a vacuum sealer and a private freezer for every house.

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