Every fisherman dreams of fishing in Norway. We, Edgard and Dave, have made our dream come true many times.

Our passion for fishing and Norway became stronger with every trip we made. So, we decided to buy an old port in Northern Norway. We renovated the fishermen's cabins and turned them into comfortable holiday homes. Today we offer you and all sport fishermen the exciting opportunity to catch really big fish in Norway.

Does this sound like just another fisherman’s tale? Discover below 7 good reasons why we guarantee that your fishing trip to Norway will be absolutely unforgettable.

1. Pure water, rich Norwegian fisheries

In Norway, the quality of both marine water and freshwater is very high. One of the reasons for this can be found in the low population. On top of this, Norwegians give nature every chance it deserves. 

A healthy and ecological environment is the logical outcome of the respect Norwegians show for nature. Fish and other animals benefit from this too. Even whales feel at home in Norway.

In Norway, the sea, fjords, lakes and rivers are teeming with life. Chances are very low that you will return empty-handed from a fishing trip. The size of the fish you catch here is more surprising than the amount of fish you catch.

In short, there is no better destination for sport fishing than Norway, where you can pursue your hobby with passion.

2. Very diverse fishing seasons in Northern Norway

In Norway you can catch many different fishes. If you prefer certain species, it is best to take the below fishing seasons into account. 

From January to April:  the spawning season of the (big) Atlantic cods.

From April onwards: fishing season for haddock, pollock, red bream, halibut, mackerel, herring, monkfish, salmon, ling and tusk.

From August to September: the best period to fish for halibut.

Because of the freshness, all these fishes taste more delicious than fish served at home. And as every fisherman knows: fish you have caught yourself, simply tastes the best. 

3. Fishing equipment for your fishing holidays in Norway

There are a lot of fisheries in Norway. But of course, you don’t plan to catch fish with your bare hands. A successful catch starts with the right fishing equipment.

When you fish for cod, you obviously need different fishing rods, fishing lines, hooks, ... than when you are for instance fishing for bass in your home country. It would be a total waste to buy the right fishing equipment at home and then bring it with you to Norway.

For your convenience, you can rent all the necessary equipment on the spot.

4. Your private fishing boat for sea fishing

Obviously, you need a boat to go on a sea fishing trip. Preferably one that is strong and secure. You guessed it right: this type of boat is also included in our fishing holidays. 

Throughout your stay, you can use a private ARRONET 23.5 SPT, the perfect boat for fishing on the sea. All our boats are fully equipped to ensure your safety and guarantee you a most pleasant fishing trip: a depth sounder, plotter, safety equipment, ...

If you were born before 1980, you don’t need a boating license. In less than an hour, your host will explain how you can safely operate the boat yourself.

5. Fishing at sea with a private skipper

Upon request, your host can sail you to the best fishing spots in the area. Ideal if you do not want to sail yourself, or if you want to fish on the sea in the company of an experienced skipper. 

His practical hints are invaluable to make your friends at home jealous of the fish you caught.

6. Advice from a seasoned fisherman

Dave is your host on the spot. Since his childhood, he has taken a lot of fishing trips to Norway. Thanks to his own experience and the contact he has with local fishermen, he is the right man to give you fishing advice. His goal is to turn your fishing trip into an unforgettable adventure. 

Dave is a Belgian and a polyglot. He will assist you in English, German or Dutch.

7. Spend your fishing holidays in Norway with your family

Fisherman like you have one big concern that is typical of everybody who pursues his hobby with passion: family. There is a big difference between fishing a few hours a week in your country and going on a fishing trip abroad for several days, or weeks. 

But we have good news for you. There is no reason at all to doubt between a holiday that would mainly please your family and a trip during which you will have the best fishing time of your life. 

Norway offers fun for everyone.

In the immediate surroundings of our accommodations, your travel companions can enjoy a lot of exciting activities. In the evenings you can gather around the campfire and share the joyful moments Norway has brought to all of you.

Fishing in Norway, a real family holiday.

Vesteralen Fishing